Welcome to Lane Cove Physio

Reasons to Choose Lane Cove Physio

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our state of the art pool allows for a unique opportunity to exercise in a supported, low risk and pain-free environment. Its distinctive properties of buoyancy, resistance and heat (34°C) assist in increasing joint range of movement, reducing aches and pains, and allowing for pain-free strengthening and cardio conditioning.

Fully Equiped Gym

Our fully functioning rehabilitation gym is decked out with modern exercise equipment to suit your needs. We have a huge range of equipment including; a Smith machine, squat rack, treadmill, bike, leg press, cable weights, dumbbells, Swiss balls, kettle bells and TRX, and our physio, Jess, can teach you Reformer Pilates.

Passionate Staff

Our friendly staff are passionate about your care. We want you to achieve the best results and are committed to helping you get there. We love what we do here and get great satisfaction out of seeing our patients walk out feeling much more comfortable with goals in mind and a smile on their faces.

Quality Treatment

We are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality therapies. We maintain the utmost professional relationships with each other, our clients and other health professionals. We utilise quality equipment and have access to the best resources.

Evidence Based Therapies

Our physios keep up to date with latest and greatest evidence from top physiotherapy and medical journals. We hold regular tutorials and attend multiple courses throughout the year to stay on top of the best treatments.

Convenient Location

Just a kilometer down the road from Lane Cove shops, we are situated on the corner of Longueville Rd and River Road West. There is plenty of street parking as well as a free council car park across the road. We are in the heart of the Lower North Shore with close access from Artarmon, Hunter’s Hill, Chatswood, Crows Nest, St Leonards, Longueville, Northwood and Riverview.

Articles & Resources

Below you will find the latest articles written by our qualified professionals. These are designed to give you some insight into what we do, and ways you can assist in recovery or preventing injuries during your regular activities and routine.

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