Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an amalgamation of scientific physiotherapy methods, tailored bespoke treatment programs and Pilates.

The Lane Cove Physio Pilates studio with access to all of the latest functional training systems and musculoskeletal knowledge and techniques allows an unparalleled scope of treatment.

Prior to undergoing your Clinical Pilates program, a thorough physical assessment is undertaken to understand the ins and outs of your body movements and to tailor the program to your individual goals. Having a bespoke program allows it to be dynamic to the extreme; it can be altered and updated as you need it and as your results progress.

It is highly recommended that clients have one-on-one clinical pilates before they join any pilates group class. This will ensure that they have learnt the correct exercise techniques and will be able to benefit from pilates.

During your clinical Pilates class your physio will focus on your individual movement problems. Pilates requires you to focus on completing each movement in a deliberate and specific way, while regulating your breathing. This process is repeated to allow you to build a heightened awareness of how your body moves and works as the moves become for natural and fluid. This increased awareness of your body, movement and breathing will carry on outside of your Pilates class and you will become more adept at identifying and remedying niggles and flare ups before they become unbearable.



Benefits of undertaking Pilates exercises with Physiotherapists include:

  • Sound anatomical knowledge
  • Clinical specificity of pain behaviour
  • Stronger core
  • Specific retraining of appropriate muscle groups
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased muscle tone and body awareness
  • Exercise rehabilitation for movement disorders
  • Improved balance and co-ordination
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Decreased recurrence of back pain
  • Restoration of normal posture and function
  • Muscle flexibility

Pilates is suitable for:

  • Neck, back and pelvic pain
  • Ante and post natal
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Poor posture and alignment
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Stress relief
  • People of all ages with no pain or injury

Did you know that Pilates was created in the 1920’s? Much more than just a trendy exercise, it was created by Joseph Pilates and is an exercise approach to core stability and postural alignment. Originally dubbed, contrology, over the years Pilates has become a well recognised exercise method and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide as it encourages conscious control of movement and good postural habits. Originally developed as a system for aiding rehabilitation for returned soldiers, it has also been used by dancers and is infinitely versatile due to combining strength training, flexibility principles and a healthy dose of self-awareness.

When performed by a highly trained musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Pilates is transformed into Clinical Pilates; capable of being added into tailor made programs based on clinical assessments and adaptable to fit any injuries or flare ups. Clinical Pilates classes can only be run by experienced physiotherapists, experts in musculoskeletal function and rehabilitation techniques with training in Postgraduate level Pilates methodology.