Muscle, ligament, or joint.
Sporty or Not.

Here at Lane Cove Physio Centre, you can be confident that we’ve got the expertise to help you with any type of muscle, bone or nerve problem. Whether it’s a mild headache, an arm recently out of plaster, acute or persistent back pain, a surgical reconstruction or an ankle you have twisted this morning … we can help you


At Lane Cove Physio, all our physiotherapists are highly skilled and trained in a comprehensive range of treatment techniques to help you overcome your pain. We help our patients get back to work, sport and everyday life as quickly and safely as possible regardless of the injury or problem


Most patients are unsure as to the cause of their pain and what treatment they require. This is what we excel at – our comprehensive assessment and technological tools gets to the root cause of the problem and then we personalise a programme of corrective treatments and most importantly preventative measures so we make sure the problem doesn’t come back!


Your course of treatment is specific to you. It will likely consist of a combination of hands-on treatment and 1:1 exercise rehabilitation using our state of the art equipment … no bog standard recipe based treatment here! Exercise programmes allow you to take control of your condition, speed up your recovery and, most importantly, prevent re-occurrence.


We have extensive close links with some of the best Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists and Sports Physicians. Although we fix most of you, we will always refer you to our network of other health care professionals, and specialists if needed.